MARKINBLOG Publishes Study Showing eCommerce Sites Surpasses 26.5 Million in 2023

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The comprehensive study highlights the US’s dominance and the pivotal role of platforms like Shopify in this growth.

Kaunas, Lithuania — MARKINBLOG, a premier e-commerce researcher, has released a comprehensive study titled “How Many eCommerse Sites Are There in 2023?” illustrating the exponential growth in the number of e-commerce sites globally, which has surpassed 26.5 million in 2023. The study is grounded in a meticulous analysis of over 26 million eCommerce websites and offers a deep dive into the rapid digital transformation reshaping the global commerce landscape.

Marius Kiniulis, the spearhead of this research, emphasized the gravity of these findings, stating, “The statistics revealed have profound implications for businesses and consumers alike. As we navigate through this digital revolution, it’s clear that the trajectory of global commerce is shifting emphatically towards online spaces.”

The report delineates a remarkable growth trajectory from 2019 to 2023, with the number of eCommerce sites ballooning from 9.2 million to over 26.5 million. A significant catalyst behind this surge was the COVID-19 pandemic, which in 2021 alone, propelled a 204% year-on-year growth, escalating the total from 9.7 million to a staggering 19.8 million.

The United States is a dominant player in this digital arena, hosting nearly 14 million of these sites, a figure that substantially overshadows other nations. Following the US, the UK, Brazil, and Germany hold prominent positions in the eCommerce space, showcasing the burgeoning digital economy globally.

Kiniulis further noted, “The staggering growth of e-commerce isn’t just about numbers; it reflects a global community increasingly choosing convenience, variety, and digital accessibility in their shopping habits.”

In addition to highlighting the dominant players in the global eCommerce landscape, the report sheds light on the pivotal role of eCommerce platforms in facilitating this growth. Shopify emerges as the preferred choice for many, commanding a 15.23% market share with almost 4 million users. WooCommerce and Squarespace eCommerce are closely followed, holding 13.85% and 4.74% of the market share, respectively.

This research, corroborated with data sourced from the BuiltWith Web Technology Usage Report as of June 26, 2023, serves as a vital resource for stakeholders in the digital commerce sector, offering a granular view of the trends and dynamics shaping the industry.

As the world continues to embrace the convenience and variety offered by online shopping, this report by MARKINBLOG stands as a critical tool for businesses and consumers navigating the ever-evolving digital commerce landscape. It maps the current scenario and offers insights into the potential trajectories this sector might undertake in the coming years, marking a shift towards a more connected and digitally accessible global economy.

To have a look at the detailed study “How Many eCommerse Sites Are There in 2023?”, users can visit the dedicated blog post on the official website of Markinblog.

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